Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter at Viking lake

Even before we purchased the house here I googled what was around: parks, monuments, entertainments... And having a state park only 11 miles from our place sounded really great! We go there often during summer to walk dogs, my husband loves to boat or just to walk the trails. It's really picturesque and quiet. And it's even more quiet during winter time!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Color Inspiration 24

This week I should call not Color inspiration but Layering cabbage!! We got snow and cold!!!  I was wearing woolen sweaters under thick woolen jackets or coats and nobody knows how many tank tops and long sleeve t-shirts underneath. Only promised warm weather on weekend helped us to survive! And more than tree months of winter are ahead,,,, I try to make myself to cheer up and think about snowman and snowboarding and all other fun I liked so much when I was a kid. But now I have to think about my huge power bill, warming up the car and driving on ice 5 miles an hour... Winter does not look like fun at all...:( 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Fitness Fashion Show#1

I have an idea of sport fashion show for long time, but my work out clothes did not look fashionable. It looked Ok, but more like clothes which was worn a lot for a hard work out. It's mostly plain looking, functionality before beauty, some from different sets just because part of the set was worn out. But I needed new windbreaker and vest for running to keep me worm this winter. And I needed something really bright, because I run when it's dark outside and cars must see me... just it case...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Color Inspiration 23

More pictures with this skirt will be here 
Last spring, when I first started uploading my "WIWT" pics at Tagbrand I even could not imagine that this game would last for so long! And looking at my first photos I can tell how much this fashion craziness changed me and my habits! I never wore bright colors, always tried to dress really conservative and plain. I had no skirt in my wardrobe for over 10 years! And this week I decided to make a little skirt fashion show: five days in a row I wore different skirts! And today I discovered that I have one more fall/winter season skirt to show! Wow! Tom-boy turned into a girl! It took me only 40 years to do that! :))) 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Color Inspiration 22

Ok! Now I can officially call my page: "life after 40". I feel no difference, but changing of numbers always makes you to re-evaluate you life results and achievements. I must admit that I never plan my fortieth birthday to be like this. Well, I decided to turn my life this direction and I have nobody else to blame. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Last day of summer

It's only November and I already miss summer. I'm looking through photos and thinking of the fun and adventures we had. We made several trips in the car: one to Memphis and one to New-York. And I still have not had time to sort all the pictures we took to post. But I'm going back through my archive. And here I found our last day of summer, when we discovered Carter 's Park in Omaha - drove by a million times but never actually stopped and walked there. And then on the way back we saw this wonderful building with an awesome huge mural on it! I want to share it with you! I wish all boring industrial buildings were decorated like this! How much more colorful this world would be! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Color Inspiration 21

Back to boots! First I have to put away all open toe shoes, now I'm wearing woolen sweaters that replaced silk tops on my hangers... Can not say that I'm happy about that... Ten years ago I married a man from Arizona, thinking that I would never have to deal with snow and fur coats - I had enough of all that in my Siberian childhood. 
And now I'm in Iowa... First three years were not bad, but last winter: long and cold - I'm really scared about next one.
But so far I was lucky and had a chance to mix  some summer items in my fall outfits. 

Couple posts ago I mentioned this top from Ann Taylor in my wish list! Now it's mine! And in this outfit I finally tried the trend everyone has been doing all spring and summer: mixing prints. My version is really modest: small dots and small same color flowers! But I did it! Maybe next time I try something more risky and complicated?

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Style never equals Fashion to me. I feel it, but I could  never describe it just with couple words. Everybody understand what fashion or style means in general, but when you ask what is the difference you hear long pause before the answers, if you even get one. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


More looks with this top at Facebook
I love photoprint! I think photoprint trend on clothes never goes away. Sometimes it just becomes more pronounced. But almost every year and every season I can find something with photoprint in one or two runway shows. And of course I'm a big fan of Mary Katarntzou, who basically made her name on that! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Color Inspiration 20

Since I've started a new hundred of my color inspiration series, I decided to change the frame. What do you think of it? Is it too much and I should be more modest? Well, I see people pinning my pictures and at least they will know where they came from! After I read some advice for beginners (who I am) I added watermark to photos. It's not like somebody is trying to steal my photos (believe me, I would be the proudest person in the world), but just in case....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Colorful belts

Stacy Adams navy leather man's belt, purchase a year ago

Last week I wrote about one item of my wardrobe. Well, actually it was about several items at a time, but they all are sleeveless knitted tops and how I like to wear them during summer and fall!

Today I decided to dedicate the whole post to belts.

(Full story for cover picture is here)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Maxi crochet skirt

At Facebook group - an awesome community if really talented ladies -  I promised to finish and show my new project! I probably would never finish this big skirt without their support and inspiration! And here I am!

I love crocheting! I really enjoy looking at crochet items, but only 10% of what I see I would wear myself. I mean kids' or home decorating items always looks great, cute, funny. I'm talking women's clothes. And even nowadays when it's super trendy and every designer includs crochet outfits in his runway shows, I'm still really cautious making crochet clothes for myself and wearing it. Crochet patterns and texture is so reach and busy by itself that usually it requires all other items of your outfit to follow it, so you build your look around them, adjusting your style to peasant/country, hippy or "artistic freak".  I still do not know how to describe my own style, but it's non of mentioned above. 

Color Inspiration #19

Today I finished my Friday "color inspiration" photo and it was #100? Did I really made one hundred color mixes? I will take a break and double check it... You can help me to count (I will add links to previous CI in the bottom of next page). Wow! 

How I's started? I was following some color scheme boards on Pinterest, sometimes trying to repeat my favorite colors in my outfits. And this summer I decided to make my own! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sleeveless top-sweater-vest.

I feel like I need to confess again. This time in my love to sleeveless sweaters or vests or knitted tops... I can not find the right term for it, but I hope you know what I mean. I looked at my wardrobe (and my virtual wardrobe too) and realized I have tons of different color knitted vests.

Sometimes I wear them as a top under jackets or cardigans, sometimes I layer them with blouses, shirts or regular sweaters. It's always like 'buy one - get one free' deal!

Wearing Talbots; shell as a vest: 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Color inspiration 18

I'm using last warm days to mix some of my fall winter wardrobe with summer shoes and clothes. This way I can do more different combinations I have not tried before, But cool mornings make me to choose more subtle and quiet colors. So that's how I look like last week.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Chequered top and joggers by TopShop

My first outfit with this set. Accent on purple.
I'm always a little bit concern to buy sets of clothes with the same pattern. My biggest question is if I will be ably to wear it separately with something else.

My top and joggers from TopShop were sold as separates but it's obvious that they were made to wear togethear. Well, top can be always worn with pair of jeans, but what about joggers? Should I even put them in my shopping bag? This pants are something completely different from my regular style. Not just color and pattern, but relaxed, really casual fit, I do not wear often, and hardly have any clothes to go with that.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Color Inspiration 17

My color mood changes with temperature dropping. And to be honest, I can not complain, this September and beginning of October we had pretty good weather: couple rainy days, couple cold mornings, but I'm still on  my spring-summer clothes and shoes. And I'm not in a big hurry to put on fall clothes, because I know: once I put it on I will have to wear sweaters and coats non-stop for next 5-6 month!!! So do not push me to show my fall outfits, lets enjoy the summer a bit more.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

T$T #4

What's up? How are you doing?

I realized that I feel a million times better if I have a new package in the mail! It gives me excitement and expectations.

I track it every morning and several times during the day. Then I run to my mail box, I tear all the wrapping apart, like kids on Christmas morning. I try it on!!!! I jump up to the ceiling if it fits and I like it. I get mad if I have to return it... But next minute I go back on-line and look for something new. :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm NOT a fashion blogger

I put tag "fashion" under my post and then removed it. I do not want to add label "fashion" or  "blogger" under my name. I even do not like fashion, and I hate blogging! I like to dress up, but I do not like fashion! I like to write, just because it's the only way I can get rid of thoughts in my head...

Following fashion for lots of people means to wear all the latest trends and throw away everything that was trendy last season. Well, I'm trying not to buy something that is super trendy, and looks ugly and uncomfortable, something that I will not be able to wear once the fashion season is over.

Did not you notice that some clothes or shoes have date of issue written all over them? Well, I'm not ideal and sometimes I buy such items, so people with good memory can say what year they were made... But most of my clothes, shoes and accessories lives more than one season. I love rounded toe, platform, classic shape heels and I do not care what is trendy now. I like certain size and shape purses, I'm not a big fan of jewelries but love scarves...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Color Inspiration 16

Last week we were lucky to have a bit of a summer weather back!!! I want to be bright again, I took out clothes I was going to hide till spring. So my colorful craziness was back last week!  
You may see this Chaps flannel shirt from Kohls in some spring pictures, but... remember: I never repeat exactly same look twice! Jeans from Ann Tayor are the same, but different Coach shoes, Christopher Kon purse and Chico's tank underneath. (As you see I have not added all these photos to my virtual wardrobe, just because I'm trying to shot as much as I can while it's warm and sunny and work on organizing everything during long dark winter night later. Promise-promise!)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crochets Projects Part #1

Did not plan this story but bragged at the Group today that I have some old summer crochet projects to show. So here I am with a new unplanned post.

I used to do lots of crocheting, before I started working and  of course before I started my daily "Fashion Shows". So  now I think that I need to cut down time I spent on showing clothes made by somebody else to make my own stuff. And coming winter looks like a good time to do that.

I stocked up on yarn long ago, so I have enough thread for next 5 winters, I just need to kick myself and start crocheting again!

T4T #3

I just realized that it's true!
Now I probably spend much more than I actually make. It's just hard to change your spending habits when you got used to a different style and speed of life. I just hate wearing polyester and acrylic from local stores and flat shoes!!! I need heels, and expensive fabric to feel good!

Leaving in a small town does not give you many options to dress up. I already look ridiculously overdressed when all people around you wear super casual stuff until they drive to nearest city, so nobody just walk down the street in heels and business jackets! 

And of course working in a small town cuts your paycheck several times... So... You can consider my job as an entertainment, as a hobby (because I do like to work and I do not mean work around the house - this one I HATE), and going to work for me is a reason to dress up and do my morning FASHION SHOW!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Planet of Apes

Nice September weekend we decided to go to a local movie theater. They showed Planet of Apes, and I've heard a lot of this movie and how they generated all faces on computer without using masks. Emotions on monkeys' faces look incredible, so real! And even if we knew how it's gonna end, and knew the story, we really enjoyed it!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Color Inspiration 15

I'm wearing:

Should I even call it color inspiration? This week I tried to wear colors and styles I used to have in my "previous life".  

Conservative and reserved, above time and fashion, to fit any office dress-code. And since I had hardly any time outside of work, my most casual outfit was something I could wear on Friday or Saturday, which I usually spent in office also. 

Some of the items I wore last week I even brought to US in my suitcase!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thought 4 Today T4T #2

One day Aleksandra - great fashion blogger and really pretty lady - posted a question on TagBrand: How many jeans a woman needs? I do not know answer to this question. Probably because such number simply does not exist!!! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

British Sailor or Mary Poppins

Fall. Cold rainy day. I think the weather made me to think about London's fog and rain and made me to pick my woolen "Union Jacket" and nautical sweat-shirt. Do I look like a British sailor?

I just want to wrap myself into worm cozy sweaters and stay in bed with huge cup of coffee and funny movie! But I have to get up and go to work, into the rain and cold.

And first moment I open my umbrella I felt like Mary Poppins. I do not know why, but umbrellas always make me to think about this book and movie!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Color Inspiration 14

Do not want # 13 to be the last one! :)))

Cold weather puts me in desaturate and dark color mood. And you can tell looking at this week photos how weather changed from summer to cold, gloomy fall. I'm trying to add splash of brightness in my outfits, but now I'm always making an effort to put on pink shoes instead of black...

Maybe it's just time to re-evaluate my color habits. Subtle and deep hues will be trendy this fall and it's a game and challenge to work with this palette. We will see how it's gonna work for me and my weekly topic.

Monday, September 8, 2014

European Car show with a European woman...

This weekend we went to see European car show at Lauritzen Garden. It's not that we've never seen European cars before (ha-ha!!) but some were really old and that you do not see everyday on streets even in Europe. Even my husband, who has been to Europe dozens of times, found something to photograph!

As for me, you know how much I'm interested in cars: I like them only if they match my shoes or purse... Ok, at least if they go good with my belt color! So I went there mostly to show myself. And as European woman of course I wore classic Chanel style jacket and my WOW new heels, that got as much attention as some antique cars (maybe even more).

I'm paying today for my weekend fashion show with a huge blister on my foot, but still feel no sorrow for walking couple miles in heels up and down hills!

That's how I roll!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Color inspiration 13

This week I was in color experimenting mode. I was trying to create more color mixtures with my old an new items, an I think I got some unusual (at least for my taste) combinations. Will  really appreciate your opinion on them!

Matrix forever

Our regular morning fashion shot  turned into fun and crazy show, Just wanted to wear my old Real tree t-shirt and now I'n showing you our matrix parody. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thought 4 the day

I'm trying to dress nicely every day, but very rare men at work say something about my outfit... It's just a huge culture difference between here and country I grew up, where every man on the way to work say a dozen compliments to different women. (Of course I'm not talking of my husband who says nice things to me every day a million times!!!) 

But today I was wearing a Real Tree t-shirt and our service manager (who's the hunter as you can guess) suddenly told me that I have a great t-shirt! That was  like WOW!!! The best praise I ever had from a man since I moved to US! He NOTICED me when I was wearing a CAMOUFLAGE! Isn't it a paradox? 

Sudden idea came to my mind: I can collect different sayings or just thoughts that come to my mind from time to time and share them with you.So I'm making new tag T4T which is short of Thought For Today. And here is my first one. 

Royal blue

I fell in love with Royal blue since I first saw it! I wanted something in this color. No matter what, just wanted to wear it. :) I think everybody has noticed already that I'm obsessed with colors and their combinations.

Of course, this hue of blue goes great with any combination of black and white or grey. I tried this combination last year. So this time I wanted to add another color ingredient, looked around and found my old heels and a leather belt from Gap. Here are more details. (You asked for mere close up looks, so I tried to add some!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Light blue, dark blue and white. You can never go wrong with this combination! It's simple, it's classic, it always looks good! When I get tired of mixing colors like crazy I do something like this. It reminds me of Gzhel - traditional Russian art of porcelain painting. It reminds me blue and white themes in some designers' collections for this summer.  Here is my version of it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Color Inspiration 12

This week I started taking out some of my fall items. An since it was both: cold and hot I mixed different season's outfits in one!. Colors? I'm still enjoying brightness of summer!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Neon wild

I always wanted to try some neon colors combination. And every time I was going to put one two bright pieces together I stopped myself: "you are not eighteen any more".  I think every age has it's own color preferences, and being almost forty requires probably more responsibility with clothes. People more tolerant to young people dressing bright and crazy, mixing patterns, shapes and colors. We call it learning, finding their own style, experimenting, discovering... I think by my age every woman must know what to wear and how to look proper. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Color inspiration 11

This week I'm one color inspiration short. It's not that I'm out of color ideas! I still have tons of thoughts! But this Friday my main and favorite photographer was travelling, so I had nobody to capture my greatest outfit. Well, I will have to repeat it one day just for my color inspiration part of the blog! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Top Shop Top + Joggers

I decided to try something completely different. Joggers've been trendy for couple seasons, but I was sure that they would not look good on me. Everything has started with the pants I bought for my capoeira training (which I actually has  never used for this purpose), but I wore them for one of my fashion show, during my New-York trip and I actually fall in love with this type of pants! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Feline Family

 I have a cat. Actually I have 2 cats, but only one of them is black! He’s name is Spookie.
So once I saw this t-shirt on-line at TJ Maxx I knew I gonna buy it! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Color inspiration 10

This week has been crazy. First I stepped on my laptop, has huge crack on my screen. But we managed to connect it to TV and back up all my files and pictures! So That's what I have for this week!

Another cute shoes

I finally bought them!!!!
It's my second pair of Alice+Olivia shoes. And as the first one I purchased it 1,5 size UP!!!

Yes!! I,5 size up and it fits me perfect!

If you know that, you can buy really cute designer's shoes like this, made out of leather outide, inside and even on the bottom (need to take them to put a ribbon protection on by the way) for UNDER $100!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Polka Dot again

I love my polka dot dress from Ann Taylor.  I'm in love since I first saw it on-line! It's classic, it will be trendy forever and I believe you can make tons of cute outfits with it. Today I decided to go bright and wild and combine spring-grass-green with fuchsia. Why not? Usually if you can find this combination of colors in nature it will look good in your interior or outfit.  I was thinking spring flower field and dark lake water.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Michael Meets Alice

I've been looking at those shoes... Just looking...Knowing that something you can only look at and never actually have. Like in museum: you pay money to look at cool stuff and leave with the feeling of accomplishing something great and important. Except stores are even better: they do not take money for looking. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Color inspiration 9

I can not tell for sure what inspired me this week.... Weather changed my plans every morning. I'm not complaining and to be honest I like 60F in the morning much better than 90F. But I planned to wear my summer outfits a bit longer. And some are still in the mail! OMG! So, here what I could do with my clothes, my mood and my weather this week!