Thursday, July 31, 2014

Never slim enough

I do not belong to a group of happy women who never worry about their weight. I think I've been fighting with my body since 15 or 16... once I realized: you always look great for your parents does not matter how ugly you are. Does their lie help me with my phychological issues? I doubt it, it just taught me to filter everything they said!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Color Inspiration 7

This week was hot! Not terribly hot, but just hot enough to call it summer! :)) So I wanted to keep it really simple - 2-4 colors (not a rainbow mix like I do sometimes) and really light! I think we will not have more chances to wear bleached, pastels colors for long - it's mostly sleepwear and baby privilege. But this summer designer were so kind letting us to try this color scheme! Use your chance!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Pantone 17-1360 celosia orange

As you know Pantone comes with color scheme for each season! Like for this Summer-Spring! (Here is a new one Fall-winter 2014-2015) I actually was planning on stocking with placid and dazzling blue, than I got obsessed with radiant orchid recently, but somehow my wardrobe got tons of orange this season!!!

Children of the Corn

Every visitor of Iowa within first couple minutes will hear that Stephen King's horror story 'Children of the Corn' took place somewhere in Iowa. Some even will mention the particular name of that town.

I red the story long ago, but had no idea where exactly it happened and of course did not bother to remember the name of the place.

And here I am. Stuck in a little town between endless fields of corn and soy... Maybe if Mr.King was writing his story now it would be called Children of the Soy - because GMO soy shares territory of state with GMO corn!

But I decided to use corn for these photos and wait for another novel about soy!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baseball Fun

I'm not crazy! I'm not playing baseball in heels!!!
To be honest I do not play baseball at all! I even do not know the rules... Except for probably what everybody knows from movies and cartoons: hit the ball and run. My husband claims that playing baseball almost like playing chess, except more boring!

So I'm lucky, I do not have to watch baseball and pretend that I like it! But I do like my photo fashion parody on baseball. Have fun!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Color Inspiration 6

This week I was definitely under influence of blue color! My new Michael Michael Kors clutch, plus WHBM jeans... Ok, why I'm even talking about that? You can see it yourself!

Dressbarn Vest

I was looking for a casual light vest to wear with jeans and t-shirts. Regular denim seemed to me too heavy for summer... But I'm still looking at them just in case I find something so awesome I can not resist and buy!

I looked at this Dressbarn vest on-line, but I did not impress me enough at that moment. But when I saw it in real life and on sale I purchased it immediately! If somebody is interested still available on-line in 2 colors, regular and plus sizes! I purchases my in S size (my biggest complain is they hardly make any XS anymore), but for this type of clothes being a bit loose is actually great!

I was wearing it at at my NY trip and even to work on Friday. Very diverse, very light and comfy!  I would recommend you to leave it open, or tie it to leave an open vertical stripe which is always slims you!

 I'm wearing

More looks with the same vest:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Being lazy... Just thoughts...

I know I'm lazy... I have so many pics to show, but I'm just too lazy to sort them out, chose and post...
And I'm too lazy to write... I'm even too lazy to pay more attention to this blog...

Why the hell I'm blogging?!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Color inspiration 4

My color inspiration for this week! And remember I will be travelling till next Monday, but there will be more inspirations (I hope) from my trip!

Continue showing my latest purchases.

I can wear a cheap t-shirt or jeans but I'm really picky about my shoes! That's how I was raised - shoes and purses must be most expensive parts of your outfit! !! Yes, I try to buy then on sale with coupons and promo-codes... But they are always made out of leather from outside, leather lining (!!!) and sometimes even leather bottom, just because only those shoes brake in exactly right for you feet! And nothing is worst than wear uncomfortable shoes all day. That's how I can walk in 5 inch heels all day!!! My secret is GOOD SHOES!!!!

This time I decided to risk and purchased cheap shoes... Well, normally I do not wear lots of wedges, especially so open in front, so I decided to check if I will like such sort of shoes before I buy something expensive and permanent. I also do not think that this trend with tiny-tiny stripe in front will last for long - just because it's not most comfortable style to wear (at least for me).

6pm claims it's leather upper, but it's actually only small stripe on top, bottom wrapped in fabric, so I was scared to step in wet grass and ruin them... Ankle buckle is pretty comfy to wear, but I fight with it every time I put those shoes on and off, and at this moment I remind myself the price I paid "What else would you expect for so cheap!?!?!?!".

I did not wear them for long time, so did not have a chance to get blisters or something. So far they feel comfy. Would I buy more from this brand??? Probably not, just because I do not like fabric or faux leather in my shoes... Will I wear these? They are Ok for this summer and they go well with lots of my outfits!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How long can you wait?

My yesterday was like Christmas: two packages showed up on my porch! Of course, since I'm doing almost all my shopping on-line, my Christmas happens several times a year... well, sometimes several times a month... This time it was 6pm and The Limited.

Of course I tried everything on same moment and I'm really happy with my purchases. Especially The Limited, since it was my very first experience with this brand. And 6pm is great as always - purchased shoes several days later, but package came same day.

Of course my today's desire was to put on everything new at the same time, but I decided to extend the fun and tried on only new tank-top mixing it with some old stuff.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A concert in the garden

Not long ago we purchased a membership in local botanical garden. As members we have a chance to visit outdoor concerts they have in the evenings when garden is closed for all other visitors.

Once we had to cancel the visit due to bad weather, but yesterday everything was perfect!!!! Was a bit windy and even cold for me, but it was not raining! And I'm glad I took my cardigan! We had so much fun. We took so many fun photos! Here are just some of them!