Friday, July 25, 2014

My Pantone 17-1360 celosia orange

As you know Pantone comes with color scheme for each season! Like for this Summer-Spring! (Here is a new one Fall-winter 2014-2015) I actually was planning on stocking with placid and dazzling blue, than I got obsessed with radiant orchid recently, but somehow my wardrobe got tons of orange this season!!!

Ok! Not everything came from this season. Like this dress, which was actually custom made for me in... 1997!!!!  And after I said good buy to my 30 pounds It fits me again!

My Ann Taylor skirt was purchased on sale in the end of last summer. Did I know then that some sort of an orange hue is going to be among most trendy colors of the season? I do not think so, I just knew it's gonna look awesome with lots of other items I have in my wardrobe!

Then Chico's lured me with a great deal on a duster which happened to be orange too!

Than it happens that Talbot has great end of the season sale and one of the cardigans I liked, was bright red-orange!

And once I realized my wardrobe is full with different hues of orange, I purchased wedges!

And as a cherry on the cake - orange belt from Talbots I received today!


  1. Wow! You showed lots of different ways to style orange and all of the them are inspiring. Really like the checked blouse with the orange sweater. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you!!!! I always try to make new combinations with what I already have!!! I'm glad you like it!!!!

  2. 3 фото просто шикарное!

    1. Спасибо!!!! :))) Обязательно переведу моему "фотографу"