Sunday, July 6, 2014

Continue showing my latest purchases.

I can wear a cheap t-shirt or jeans but I'm really picky about my shoes! That's how I was raised - shoes and purses must be most expensive parts of your outfit! !! Yes, I try to buy then on sale with coupons and promo-codes... But they are always made out of leather from outside, leather lining (!!!) and sometimes even leather bottom, just because only those shoes brake in exactly right for you feet! And nothing is worst than wear uncomfortable shoes all day. That's how I can walk in 5 inch heels all day!!! My secret is GOOD SHOES!!!!

This time I decided to risk and purchased cheap shoes... Well, normally I do not wear lots of wedges, especially so open in front, so I decided to check if I will like such sort of shoes before I buy something expensive and permanent. I also do not think that this trend with tiny-tiny stripe in front will last for long - just because it's not most comfortable style to wear (at least for me).

6pm claims it's leather upper, but it's actually only small stripe on top, bottom wrapped in fabric, so I was scared to step in wet grass and ruin them... Ankle buckle is pretty comfy to wear, but I fight with it every time I put those shoes on and off, and at this moment I remind myself the price I paid "What else would you expect for so cheap!?!?!?!".

I did not wear them for long time, so did not have a chance to get blisters or something. So far they feel comfy. Would I buy more from this brand??? Probably not, just because I do not like fabric or faux leather in my shoes... Will I wear these? They are Ok for this summer and they go well with lots of my outfits!


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