Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter at Viking lake

Even before we purchased the house here I googled what was around: parks, monuments, entertainments... And having a state park only 11 miles from our place sounded really great! We go there often during summer to walk dogs, my husband loves to boat or just to walk the trails. It's really picturesque and quiet. And it's even more quiet during winter time!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Color Inspiration 24

This week I should call not Color inspiration but Layering cabbage!! We got snow and cold!!!  I was wearing woolen sweaters under thick woolen jackets or coats and nobody knows how many tank tops and long sleeve t-shirts underneath. Only promised warm weather on weekend helped us to survive! And more than tree months of winter are ahead,,,, I try to make myself to cheer up and think about snowman and snowboarding and all other fun I liked so much when I was a kid. But now I have to think about my huge power bill, warming up the car and driving on ice 5 miles an hour... Winter does not look like fun at all...:( 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Fitness Fashion Show#1

I have an idea of sport fashion show for long time, but my work out clothes did not look fashionable. It looked Ok, but more like clothes which was worn a lot for a hard work out. It's mostly plain looking, functionality before beauty, some from different sets just because part of the set was worn out. But I needed new windbreaker and vest for running to keep me worm this winter. And I needed something really bright, because I run when it's dark outside and cars must see me... just it case...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Color Inspiration 23

More pictures with this skirt will be here 
Last spring, when I first started uploading my "WIWT" pics at Tagbrand I even could not imagine that this game would last for so long! And looking at my first photos I can tell how much this fashion craziness changed me and my habits! I never wore bright colors, always tried to dress really conservative and plain. I had no skirt in my wardrobe for over 10 years! And this week I decided to make a little skirt fashion show: five days in a row I wore different skirts! And today I discovered that I have one more fall/winter season skirt to show! Wow! Tom-boy turned into a girl! It took me only 40 years to do that! :))) 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Color Inspiration 22

Ok! Now I can officially call my page: "life after 40". I feel no difference, but changing of numbers always makes you to re-evaluate you life results and achievements. I must admit that I never plan my fortieth birthday to be like this. Well, I decided to turn my life this direction and I have nobody else to blame. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Last day of summer

It's only November and I already miss summer. I'm looking through photos and thinking of the fun and adventures we had. We made several trips in the car: one to Memphis and one to New-York. And I still have not had time to sort all the pictures we took to post. But I'm going back through my archive. And here I found our last day of summer, when we discovered Carter 's Park in Omaha - drove by a million times but never actually stopped and walked there. And then on the way back we saw this wonderful building with an awesome huge mural on it! I want to share it with you! I wish all boring industrial buildings were decorated like this! How much more colorful this world would be! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Color Inspiration 21

Back to boots! First I have to put away all open toe shoes, now I'm wearing woolen sweaters that replaced silk tops on my hangers... Can not say that I'm happy about that... Ten years ago I married a man from Arizona, thinking that I would never have to deal with snow and fur coats - I had enough of all that in my Siberian childhood. 
And now I'm in Iowa... First three years were not bad, but last winter: long and cold - I'm really scared about next one.
But so far I was lucky and had a chance to mix  some summer items in my fall outfits. 

Couple posts ago I mentioned this top from Ann Taylor in my wish list! Now it's mine! And in this outfit I finally tried the trend everyone has been doing all spring and summer: mixing prints. My version is really modest: small dots and small same color flowers! But I did it! Maybe next time I try something more risky and complicated?