Saturday, November 1, 2014

Color Inspiration 21

Back to boots! First I have to put away all open toe shoes, now I'm wearing woolen sweaters that replaced silk tops on my hangers... Can not say that I'm happy about that... Ten years ago I married a man from Arizona, thinking that I would never have to deal with snow and fur coats - I had enough of all that in my Siberian childhood. 
And now I'm in Iowa... First three years were not bad, but last winter: long and cold - I'm really scared about next one.
But so far I was lucky and had a chance to mix  some summer items in my fall outfits. 

Couple posts ago I mentioned this top from Ann Taylor in my wish list! Now it's mine! And in this outfit I finally tried the trend everyone has been doing all spring and summer: mixing prints. My version is really modest: small dots and small same color flowers! But I did it! Maybe next time I try something more risky and complicated?

This Cole Haan purse I purchased specially for this VS jeans. 
I saw this color combo on Pinterest and (have no idea why) wanted to repeat it my clothes. I must admit: on picture it looked much more interesting, but I made it and now I will have another color combo obsession.
Here I'm wearing same white dots top, but I'm actually showing my new purse! It's my first experience of purchasing something from naturalizer and I feel like I need to make full review about my experience at WD4L. Keep an eye on it if your are curious.
And here is a premiere of my new WHBM skirt.  I'm repeating one of mt last week color inspiration except this time I decided to add bright pink instead of navy.  What do you think?
Here I'm wearing: Shirt: Sweater: Skirt: Shoes: Purse: Tights: #Gap
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  1. Very pretty! I love the polka dot vest, and your pattern mixing is perfect! I just changed my closet over to boots and sweaters this weekend - winter is coming!

    1. ok!! Now winter is here!!! We have first snow today!!!

  2. Oh Iowa! I know your pain! I spent years in Minnesota! It's so terribly cold up there in the winters! Very cute mix of summer and fall pieces!

    1. I actually grew up in Western Siberia in Russia, where -20F is normal for winter!!! But I moved out of there as soon as I could! And now I'm back to winter state!!!! :))))