Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Planet of Apes

Nice September weekend we decided to go to a local movie theater. They showed Planet of Apes, and I've heard a lot of this movie and how they generated all faces on computer without using masks. Emotions on monkeys' faces look incredible, so real! And even if we knew how it's gonna end, and knew the story, we really enjoyed it!

It's a good family movie about trust, friendship, humanity... But it had really weird effect on two of us... After the movie we went to the park and took several shots, which started like ordinary fashion show and ended like wild monkey attacked quiet neighborhood!



  1. Хулиганишь! )) очень красивый цвет туфель!

    1. Ну разьве что чуть-чуит.... когда темно и никто не видит!!! :)))