Saturday, September 27, 2014

Color Inspiration 16

Last week we were lucky to have a bit of a summer weather back!!! I want to be bright again, I took out clothes I was going to hide till spring. So my colorful craziness was back last week!  
You may see this Chaps flannel shirt from Kohls in some spring pictures, but... remember: I never repeat exactly same look twice! Jeans from Ann Tayor are the same, but different Coach shoes, Christopher Kon purse and Chico's tank underneath. (As you see I have not added all these photos to my virtual wardrobe, just because I'm trying to shot as much as I can while it's warm and sunny and work on organizing everything during long dark winter night later. Promise-promise!)

Here I'm experimenting in mixing yellow and different hues of brown (It's classic but I have not done it for long time). Bright cotton-silk sweater from Banana Republic, with classic Ann Taylor trousers, Mascotte heels, Cole Haan purse (you will see again this week), vintage scarf and stallion color (which I always called chocolate?)  tank-top from The Limited I ordered on-line recently. 

You my think I repeated last year look here. Nope! I have a new Talbots black top (which I wear as a vest here) and different purse. I think grey/brown (I do not know how to describe this complicated color purse from previous look) makes it more subtle that pure black in my previous mix with same Ann Taylor silk shirt, Victoria's Secret trousers, Joan&David heels and "pied de poule" Talbots jacket.

Similar color scheme was in #6, just because I wanted to wear again this colorful scarf from Chico's which goes great with Chico's lemon color top and WHBM jeans and Michael Kors clutch. But this time I added Joan&David heels and my most resent Talbot's jacket.

And again I'm making colormix similar to one from #9 ,and you can see I'm using Michael Kors clutch from previous look. It goes great with my $5 TJ Maxx blouse which pretty much determines all color scheme. So everything else is pretty quiet and simple: grey jeans from LOFT, black Mascotte heels and black top worn as a vest from Talbots.

You may noticed that this Color Inspiration has more words, not just photos as I usually do. I'm trying to show how I (and you can too!) use same item in different outfits and nobody would recognize it probably until I mentioned it. I want you to try new color mixes with clothes, purses and shoes you already have. Or new items in same color mix. And I'm still thinking about different formats of my posts, learning how to add links (I do not know if they help or they just annoy everybody). So I will really appreciate your comments here

Thank you!

Mr. Rebates

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