Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thought 4 the day

I'm trying to dress nicely every day, but very rare men at work say something about my outfit... It's just a huge culture difference between here and country I grew up, where every man on the way to work say a dozen compliments to different women. (Of course I'm not talking of my husband who says nice things to me every day a million times!!!) 

But today I was wearing a Real Tree t-shirt and our service manager (who's the hunter as you can guess) suddenly told me that I have a great t-shirt! That was  like WOW!!! The best praise I ever had from a man since I moved to US! He NOTICED me when I was wearing a CAMOUFLAGE! Isn't it a paradox? 

Sudden idea came to my mind: I can collect different sayings or just thoughts that come to my mind from time to time and share them with you.So I'm making new tag T4T which is short of Thought For Today. And here is my first one. 

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