Saturday, September 6, 2014

Color inspiration 13

This week I was in color experimenting mode. I was trying to create more color mixtures with my old an new items, an I think I got some unusual (at least for my taste) combinations. Will  really appreciate your opinion on them!

Then I had an idea for making a post about mixing in colorful and complicated pattern items like my Ann Taylor tunic or TopShop joggers and top. When I first saw them I thought: I can make so many outfits!"

Then I try them on and realize that I'm really limited with items, shapes  and colors I can use. They pretty much predetermine my color scheme. Well, it's great if you do not like experiments or not sure what color goes great with what. I realized that I  want my own discoveries in this field. And even if there is nothing to discover any more, because  all possible color mixes has been already created by painters, designers an fashion bloggers, I'm still trying to make something new out of what I have in my own wardrobe.

So I'm actually challenging myself to work with them, risking to create something inappropriate. Well, if I look silly - my own fault, have nobody to blame for it. :)

Want to see more?


  1. You have wonderful pieces, June! The color inspiration you do has inspired me to step out and try some color mixing myself.

    1. Thank you!!! I"m glad you like them!!! I'm waiting to see your ideas of mixing them! It's such a fun game to see what we can do with different colors!!!