Thursday, September 25, 2014

T4T #3

I just realized that it's true!
Now I probably spend much more than I actually make. It's just hard to change your spending habits when you got used to a different style and speed of life. I just hate wearing polyester and acrylic from local stores and flat shoes!!! I need heels, and expensive fabric to feel good!

Leaving in a small town does not give you many options to dress up. I already look ridiculously overdressed when all people around you wear super casual stuff until they drive to nearest city, so nobody just walk down the street in heels and business jackets! 

And of course working in a small town cuts your paycheck several times... So... You can consider my job as an entertainment, as a hobby (because I do like to work and I do not mean work around the house - this one I HATE), and going to work for me is a reason to dress up and do my morning FASHION SHOW!  


  1. I do enjoy your morning fashion shows.

    1. Thank you!!!! It's so important to know that somebody else enjoys what we are doing!!! It's so hard to be interesting not boring, not arrogant, not annoying!!! I want to share my joy of doing that!!! I can not wait to see your photos!!!! Will you do puppy-fashion show or puppy - hair show????