Monday, September 8, 2014

European Car show with a European woman...

This weekend we went to see European car show at Lauritzen Garden. It's not that we've never seen European cars before (ha-ha!!) but some were really old and that you do not see everyday on streets even in Europe. Even my husband, who has been to Europe dozens of times, found something to photograph!

As for me, you know how much I'm interested in cars: I like them only if they match my shoes or purse... Ok, at least if they go good with my belt color! So I went there mostly to show myself. And as European woman of course I wore classic Chanel style jacket and my WOW new heels, that got as much attention as some antique cars (maybe even more).

I'm paying today for my weekend fashion show with a huge blister on my foot, but still feel no sorrow for walking couple miles in heels up and down hills!

That's how I roll!

Here are European cars...

and me...

and some details

I'm wearing:

P.S. Usually I do not wear all clothes from one brand... It's like a too easy task for me: just to copy outfit from a catalog with no challenge, no fantasy, no artistic efforts applied... I realized that I' dressed in Talbots all over when I stepped outside the door. :)

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  1. как же мне нравятся эти туфли! вот прямо под любой цвет подходят!

    1. Ой! Я на эти туфли облизывалась полгода!!! Когда увидела, что они выставили их на распродажу всего за 76 баксов - купила сразу же!!! У Алис+Оливии путаница с размерами, я беру +1,5!!!