Saturday, August 16, 2014

Polka Dot again

I love my polka dot dress from Ann Taylor.  I'm in love since I first saw it on-line! It's classic, it will be trendy forever and I believe you can make tons of cute outfits with it. Today I decided to go bright and wild and combine spring-grass-green with fuchsia. Why not? Usually if you can find this combination of colors in nature it will look good in your interior or outfit.  I was thinking spring flower field and dark lake water.

Probably the only thing I do not like about this dress - it has a cut on waist line, which means you must wear a belt with it. I would prefer to have it made with one piece of fabric, which would give you more ways to wear it, more comfort during summer. Just keep that in mind when you shop for a sundress.

If for some reason you do not want to accent your waist, but you purchased a dress like mine, just do not wear contrast belt, make it matching color.

If I has not already picked up a bright pink purse matching my belt, I would put on my fuchsia shoes... But I'm wearing matching color navy blue for another reason: they make me look a bit taller! Contrast shoes (even same heel high) will not give extra couple inches! :)

I'm wearing:

DressCardiganShoesPurse: Belt: Ann Taylor

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