Sunday, August 10, 2014

Michael Meets Alice

I've been looking at those shoes... Just looking...Knowing that something you can only look at and never actually have. Like in museum: you pay money to look at cool stuff and leave with the feeling of accomplishing something great and important. Except stores are even better: they do not take money for looking. 

 Well, I'm not complaining. I feel stupid to pay $500 dollars for something you can buy for $100. Yes, I wear leather shoes, and not just leather on top, but leather lining! Even if I see something cute, cheap, but man-made material inside I never buy them.

Leather top is only for practical reason: you can polish it, you can stretch it, it's durable - last longer and beside all that it looks cute longer!

Leather lining is for comfort! Especially when you wear shoes without socks - you feel the difference immediately.

And if you have leather bottom - shoes break in better!  My shoe repair pro even recommended me not to put protective bottom on those shoes until I break them in! Yes, you can not wear them on ruff or wet ground, only inside and just to break them in. But this way they just fit your feet perfect!
So, back to my cute shoes! Originally they were over $300, but they went on sale, Pretty dam good sale! Probably because they run 1,5 size smaller. F.e. I wear 8 (38 EU), those shoes I had to buy in size 39,5 which is equil 9.5 in US sizing. By the way, my next pair from this brand is also 1,5 size up and they fit me perfect.

But once I found my right size, I faced another problem: I could not find a purse to wear with those shoes! You would think that any pink or yellow or green or white will be great... I was going from shotre to shore carrying the shoes with me and was not happy with anything I could find withing my price range.

Finally at an outlet store I found this clutch! So now I can wear these shoes! 

And here are my Alice+Olivia shoes with recently purchased Michael Kors purse!

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