Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Neon wild

I always wanted to try some neon colors combination. And every time I was going to put one two bright pieces together I stopped myself: "you are not eighteen any more".  I think every age has it's own color preferences, and being almost forty requires probably more responsibility with clothes. People more tolerant to young people dressing bright and crazy, mixing patterns, shapes and colors. We call it learning, finding their own style, experimenting, discovering... I think by my age every woman must know what to wear and how to look proper. 

But I wanted to try these two colors together so badly... And I did it! It was a bright summer day. And I think vivid colors of nature around us allows more than fall or winter. Of course I mixed only two neon colors, and added a bit of neutral grey with my hand made crochet cardigan to calm down the brightness just a hint. 

I'm wearing: I'm wearing:


  1. Another great color combo. The yellow car in the background is very complimentary.

    1. Ha-ha!!! I told my husband that now I need green and purple cars to much my new shoes and purse!!!!!!!