Saturday, October 18, 2014

Color Inspiration #19

Today I finished my Friday "color inspiration" photo and it was #100? Did I really made one hundred color mixes? I will take a break and double check it... You can help me to count (I will add links to previous CI in the bottom of next page). Wow! 

How I's started? I was following some color scheme boards on Pinterest, sometimes trying to repeat my favorite colors in my outfits. And this summer I decided to make my own! 
Shall I continue or stop at this great number? 100 pics

Sometimes I repeat colors, but for last couple years I've never repeated exactly same look! Even if it seems the same - something different: purse, shoes, top... Sometimes I have to go back and check it with my virtual wardrobe and change something before I step out of the door.

Personally, I do not like all of my mixes, some of them too boring, some of them did not look as great at sunlight as they seemed in my dressing room. But some color combinations I absolutely love and keep on asking myself why I never tried this mix before?

Why am I doing that? 

First of all because I like it. I liked creating different color designs since my childhood.

Second, trying new combinations doubles or triples amount of looks I can get with the same clothes (and I probably make a special post @WeDress4less blog and Facebook group).

I do it for other people, who cares of what they wear and how they look. I want to share my great finds and point my mistakes. And if somebody looks at her wardrobe with a new eye - I'm happy too!

Of course I'm always glad to read compliments! But I'm open for critics too! It helps me!

You inspire me and I want to thank you!!!
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  1. Туфельки с желтеньким каблучком так нравятся! не могу насмотрется. А еще 5 лук понравился очень, цвет шикарный!

  2. А я с пятым луком наоборот сомневалась! Мне казалось, что два оттенка бордо как не очень совместились.... Уф!!! Теперь успокоилась!!! :))) Спасибо!!!!

  3. I love your first outfit with those teal pants! They're stellar!

    1. oh!!! Those are my last year great find!!!! :))) Thank you!!!