Saturday, October 4, 2014

Color Inspiration 17

My color mood changes with temperature dropping. And to be honest, I can not complain, this September and beginning of October we had pretty good weather: couple rainy days, couple cold mornings, but I'm still on  my spring-summer clothes and shoes. And I'm not in a big hurry to put on fall clothes, because I know: once I put it on I will have to wear sweaters and coats non-stop for next 5-6 month!!! So do not push me to show my fall outfits, lets enjoy the summer a bit more.

Mr. Rebates
Still do not believe that anybody ever reads it, but it's not first time I'm talking to myself, so why not? 

On Monday I was in monochrome mood. You've seen my new Mascotte heels (Thank you, daddy!!!) , Loft skinny jeans (many times last summer!!!), with my old Stacy Adams belt, couple year old black Ana cardigan from Banana Republic and Cynthia Rowley lacy top from TJMaxx, which I purchased in the beginning of the summer, but did not wear as often as I planned (? to think). B.Mackowsky purse is also not a frequent guest in my daily fashion shows. Well, the creamy color goes great with tons of my clothes, but black contrast details limit my ability to wear it. And it requires black color somewhere else... But in this case I can just take one of my black purses. So this purse does not work 100% for me at least with my current wardrobe. 

Another comment I want to make about this outfit is creamy color vs pure white. If you have followed me for a while, you would notice that I do not wear lots of snow-white colors. Personally I do not like white! And not just for most obvious reason it gets dirty really fast. :)

1) White is much more complicated color than it seems. It's really hard to match two different white items until you have purchased them at the same time from same brand and same collection. Otherwise one white will look yellowish and dirty! Of course there is a trick to divide them with something bright and contrast, but it's a huge topic for another post. And mixing one white item with other colors is a too easy task for me! 

2) Another reason I'm careful with white: my teeth are not perfectly white any big area of white around my face will not flatter. Of course I can go to a dentist and make them snow-white. But most of  people who've done that look really unnatural, because whiteness of their eyes stays the same and having this huge tone disproportion does not feel right to me. I mean: whitening your teeth is great and you must do that from time to time for esthetic and healthy reasons, but it has it's limit, which some people just do not see.  I think for my natural skin tone and hair hue - light creamy colors look better than pure white. 

Once I started analyzing what I wear often and what not, here is another example: dark navy silk shirt from Banana Republic. I thought it's gonna be my #1 worn shirt, because it's an awesome color, awesome fabric, great fit and every-wardrobe-must-have-item. But I did not pay attention that it has metal buttons. Actually they look cute and even add some funky contrast to the shirt, but limits its "mixability" for me. I'm trying not to mix different colors of metal in one look. I'm aware that latest trends allow and accept it, maybe I need more time to get used to some new modern trends. So far I'm trying not to buy basic items with any metal details.

In this look my belt and my purse have some silver details, so it's a perfect match for me, but in lots of my other outfits I had to replace this shirt with something else.

Michael Kors heels you could see a million times - really great investment. Gap pinstripe pants are from last year (just not crazy about Gap-pants fit on me) and Talbots cardigan is one of the end of this summer sale purchases so I really plan to wear it a lot next season (if I survive this winter).

Here I'm trying a quiet pastel colors, because I really love this blouse. It's old... I mean really old! I'm not sure if this Talbots cotton casual looking jacket is a good pair for delicate silky fabric, but classic Ann Taylor trousers and leather Eleine Turner heels definitely can be worn with it! Do not like size and shape of Cole Haan purse in this outfit, but love the color and did not find anything else in this color scheme in  my wardrobe (something for the wish list!). Also added dark vintage fashion scarf because I feel like I need to balance darkness in the bottom.

This is an example when I wear something, then look at morning photos and realize that it does not go great together. I mean it's possible, but it's not the best mix I can make with this these items!

This is also a vintage blouse from my mom's wardrobe which proves one more time that fashion cycling every 20 years and here we have an awesome geo-print that looks trendy again.  But to my mind the colors of the blouse are much more subtle than my dark navy trousers-jeans from Banana Republic and same brand cardigan. Brightness of the cardigan I supported with Coach heels. But my favorite blue B.Mackowsky purse and the blouse would look better if I put on light blue jeans. So probably dark navy was a mistake here.

I'm wearing: Sweater:  VestTrousers:  ShoesPurse

And here I'm just showing one of my new finds Nanette Lapore boots. Fall'13- winter'14 written all over them.... But I always loved this color combo and wanted something more casual than my regular heels. 

I've never heard of this brand before, but now I will keep an eye on their sales and new arrivals. As I said on Fasebook (I added an active link to on-line stores there), they are very comfy, but I would recommend to go 0.5 size up. And if you have concerns about your feet size - these boots are for you!!!! Black contrast part on the back in pair with high but really steady heel makes you foot at least 2 sizes smaller! After wearing them for all day I have no blisters (great!) but they dyed my socks and pulled out couple threads... So do not think that I will wear my new expensive tights with them... But it was just first day, maybe I will write something again after second attempt.

Since I wanted to try those boots immediately, and weather gave me an opportunity to do that, I had to change all my outfit plans for Friday! So I found my last year sweater from Dressbarn, Bebe leather vest, pulled on WHBM trousers, took B.Makowsky black leather purse... and here I am! 
Have a great weekend!

See you soon! 


  1. Замечательно подобрано все! У вас там тоже ТК макс есть?

    1. TJ Maxx он же Marshalls - практически в каждом городе и не один. Мне там обычно везет - в Айове средний размер одежды 14, а я нулевой ношу, поэтому очень много дизайнерских вещей нахожу почти даром!!! Так что это пожалуй единственный не он-лайн магазин куда я регулярно заглядываю!!!