Monday, October 6, 2014

Chequered top and joggers by TopShop

My first outfit with this set. Accent on purple.
I'm always a little bit concern to buy sets of clothes with the same pattern. My biggest question is if I will be ably to wear it separately with something else.

My top and joggers from TopShop were sold as separates but it's obvious that they were made to wear togethear. Well, top can be always worn with pair of jeans, but what about joggers? Should I even put them in my shopping bag? This pants are something completely different from my regular style. Not just color and pattern, but relaxed, really casual fit, I do not wear often, and hardly have any clothes to go with that.

Mr. Rebates

You know my rule: 
if you can not think about 3-4 different looks of this item
 with something you already have in your wardrobe: 

(I'm actually starting a new tag here #4 Outfit Rule or short #4OR) 

So buying this set was an experiment and challenge for me.

And here is what I've got out of this purchase by the end of the season. (Just keep in mind I received itin the beginning of August, so I had less than a month on my experiments!)

Same set, but different shoes, cardigan and purse in brown colors. Actually full version f this outfit you could see here
Wearing just top. Full story from this day see here
I could also wear this jeans jacket with pants from the set. Just did not have time to do that look this year - maybe next summer...  
Another casual look with pants. My coral sweater and a little bit of black to spice it.
Just repeating coral/pink combination with accent on purple and brown.

This time I decided to accent bright blue lines from my pants with my layered tank-top.
Feel free to share your opinion.
(I'm still updating my virtual wardrobe, so if some pics are missing - I just have not got to them yet!) 

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