Wednesday, October 1, 2014

T$T #4

What's up? How are you doing?

I realized that I feel a million times better if I have a new package in the mail! It gives me excitement and expectations.

I track it every morning and several times during the day. Then I run to my mail box, I tear all the wrapping apart, like kids on Christmas morning. I try it on!!!! I jump up to the ceiling if it fits and I like it. I get mad if I have to return it... But next minute I go back on-line and look for something new. :)

Shallow? Stupid?

All my previous life I was waking up with the dream to improve this world, to help people, rescue animals, fight for saving environment...

Then I grew up and realized that world does not want to become better, and fights back to stay where it is. Most of charity organizations are nothing but business build on humans feeling and emotions. Yes, they are non-profit, because they consume 90% of donations to support their administration office and whatever left they spend on organizing stupid entertainment events, marathons, publishing magazines to make people to donate more.

How much it takes to feed a homeless kitten or pick him up and give him home? Or give somebody money to pay for hospital, which is never free? Like all pharmaceutical companies and hospitals only sponsor public events but never have note on their door come and get helped for FREE! Why people pay money to take part in charity walk instead of giving it to a neighbor who struggles with this family bills every month?

Probably because the neighbor will appreciate it first month and will be mad at you if you do not give it to him next months?  Because kittens will start making mess in your house and stop appreciating warms and food they have. Because you will not get a colorful pin for your jacket so everybody will see, to be proud of yourself and keep on living with the feeling of doing something important and great! So lets run, lets walk in different color t-shirts and ribbons if it gives you the feeling on accomplishing something great. And the key to stay in this happy mood is NEVER ASK QUESTIONS.

Never ask where your money went - or they will send you a colorful report that cost feeding a hundreds little kittens for next 10 years. Never ask why you need all this performance, colorful decorations and tons people working and got paid from donated money? You not supposed to ask, because you are just an advertising tool to attract more attention, to pull out more pocket change to create a bigger event to make MORE money! And do not ask FOR WHO? To stay in happy and positive mood remember: DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS!!! Never! I did... And those questions have changed me forever. And I know I will not ruin life of too many people, because I believe nobody actually reads writing under cute pictures. But thanks just for glancing at them.

I think I will do a huge favor to this world if I can make one person really happy! I can make myself happy! At least while I have a package in the mail, while I have hope and expectations. So, lets go shopping!

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