Tuesday, October 28, 2014


More looks with this top at Facebook
I love photoprint! I think photoprint trend on clothes never goes away. Sometimes it just becomes more pronounced. But almost every year and every season I can find something with photoprint in one or two runway shows. And of course I'm a big fan of Mary Katarntzou, who basically made her name on that! 
Right now I have 3 items with this trend: 
  1. A last year top from DressBarn, 
  2. TopShop bodysuit purchased from Nordstrom also over a year ago, 
  3. and recent Elie Tahari top from Kohls (I love the photo but not very happy with quality of this item and my full review you can find here).  
And of course I will not stop on this number! And since I've been experimenting with photoprints for ages I created my own rules of mixing them with other items in my wardrobe: 

More looks with this bodysuite at Facebook
I wear only one item with photoprint per outfit. 
I've seen in fashion magazines and on runway they mixed several items at once. It looks great there, but once you step outside dressed like this it looks awkward to me: too much! 

I mix photoprints with monochrome simple items. 
The only patterns I can add to photoprint is classic stripes, polka-dot or plaid when they not loudly pronounced and look more like monochrome color. And I do not use intricate cuts , trying to make my photoprint item as main point of attention.

I mix my photoprint with subtle natural colors, not pure like they come strait from the set of kids watercolors. 
I  will add more photos with this top here.
I notice that even if you see bright red in photoprint adding big surface of the same red in other piece of your clothes is killing photoprint and make my look to fall apart. But same amount of red muted with a drop of grey or brown, making it quieter, more complicated, more natural looking, even if it seems you step to far from original color, makes a great match! 
When kids learn paining, teacher usually tells not to take colors from your box and put them directly on paper (or canvas), they always go to palette first, mixing with two, three four other colors and only after that you can touch your painting with the brush. If you can easily name the color green or yellow - it will not go great with photoprint! You need to look for greenish, green-brown, fall grass color, frosted green - that's your choice to  mix with photoprints. For my taste pure bright colors can exist in photoprint outfit only in small amount: skinny belt, jewelry, laces in your shoes and so on. 

Do you like photoprints? What do your think of this trend?

See you soon!


  1. Lovely post and blog! :)

    Do you want to follow each other? :)
    xoxo ♥

    1. Thank you!!!! I'm glad you like this trend too! Added you to my reading list, So I will not miss your new post!

  2. Love these prints! The city print is so fun and could be worn so many different ways! Thank you so much for joining J and myself {www.2catsandchloe.com} for our Celebrate Southern Linkup! I’m pinning your post to our official Celebrate Southern Pin Board now! :) xxoo

    1. the story began with a puzzle my husband got for X-mas last year -same photo! So when I so this t-shirt - I know I must have it! ;)))) I need to make a photo with this puzzle wearing the this top!!!!

  3. I love your photo print number against that olive green cardigan! They really play well off each other! Love the look! Thanks for joining the Celebrate Southern link up this week! I hope you have a great Halloween and that we see you back again for another week of the link up on Tuesday!

    J @ Bless Her Heart Y'all

    1. And I wore this outfit to a botanical garden!!! Got lots of compliments that say!

  4. Thanks for joining me on Google+ ... I follow you now! :)

    Love all the prints and have seen them often in shops but I have but I still have no shirt with such a beautiful picture on it. Must bye one next time!

    greetings from Germany

  5. I've seen it!!! Glad to meet you!!! :))