Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Colorful belts

Stacy Adams navy leather man's belt, purchase a year ago

Last week I wrote about one item of my wardrobe. Well, actually it was about several items at a time, but they all are sleeveless knitted tops and how I like to wear them during summer and fall!

Today I decided to dedicate the whole post to belts.

(Full story for cover picture is here)

I do not know how, but I used to be able to survive with couple belts: one in black and one in brown or grey. Both 3/4 inch wide, made out of leather, and purchased in men's department of the store! 
My previous life, job, schedule, tasks, habits... I was working and acting as a man... with men and against men... That's probably some of my clothes preferences came from...  Never wore skinny belts, never liked tons of decorations on my belts...
Vintage leather belt purchased 10 years ago in men's store
Vintage black leather belt, purchased 10 years ago in men's store.
But once I purchase couple belts at women's department of the store I realized how much a simple belt can add to your look. And since I do not wear lots of jewelries, sometimes a belt plays their role for me :
MICHAEL Michael Kors wide leather belt
Golden chain from Nordstrom
In the end of last summer and this year I added lots of belts to my collection. I still follow some of my old rules with new belts: they all made out of real leather and have minimum decor on them. I do go wild with colors, but I notices that even plain outfit looks better with a bright detail. I like to accent my waist with a contrast belt, because it's probably the only part of mt body I do not complain about.

Full story with this look here
I found this grey-yellow belt at GAP and realized it will go great with my neon yellow heels! Of course I was watching it for a while waiting for a good sale, because I knew most of people will ignore this combination because it's not very diverse. I actually made quite a few looks with this belt which would not be so great if I was wearing just simple grey one;

Full story with this look here

I have couple snake leather belts from Ann Taylor

Full story with this look here
But looks like Ann Taylor's patten leather skiny belt I wore more often than others.  

Full story with this look here
Full story with this look here.
And another Ann Taylor skinny belt:

I recently purchased 4 belts (for the price of one when they went on sale!) @Talbots. I'm really happy with quality of the leather on all of them and I like the idea of many different colors you can choose from. All those looks you may remember from my weekly color inspirations posts on Saturdays.

Full story with this look here
Full story with this look here.
Full story with this look here

Attention! Some of my links to store contain affiliated links with ShopAtHome! But this fact does not affect my decision to shop there and talk good or bad about their products - it's all my personal opinion and experience.

Today I added couple more leather skinny belts to my wish list to wait for sale or great discount:

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  1. Ух ты, сколько ремешков!У меня они почему то не приживаются, хотя я их люблю... вот один дома лежит, и тот не ношу! Надо исправляться! :) последний сиреневый понравился, у меня как раз такого цвета, только толще!

    1. Это у меня последнее время на ремнях сдвиг!!! :))) Без ремня, даже декоратиивного, как будто чего - то не хватает!