Saturday, October 18, 2014

Maxi crochet skirt

At Facebook group - an awesome community if really talented ladies -  I promised to finish and show my new project! I probably would never finish this big skirt without their support and inspiration! And here I am!

I love crocheting! I really enjoy looking at crochet items, but only 10% of what I see I would wear myself. I mean kids' or home decorating items always looks great, cute, funny. I'm talking women's clothes. And even nowadays when it's super trendy and every designer includs crochet outfits in his runway shows, I'm still really cautious making crochet clothes for myself and wearing it. Crochet patterns and texture is so reach and busy by itself that usually it requires all other items of your outfit to follow it, so you build your look around them, adjusting your style to peasant/country, hippy or "artistic freak".  I still do not know how to describe my own style, but it's non of mentioned above. 

Usually I overdress, so I want my crochet pieces not to dress me down. I think I found the way to combine my hobby with my overdressing habits. Of course I'm talking well made pieces, and my regular clothes requirement as color, material and fit are applied to my crochet clothes as well.

Actually it's my third item with this pattern. I used it for my grey cardigan and mini black skirt last year.
1) One item at a time!
I think biggest mistake that crocheting ladies do - make sets of items that not supposed to come as a set! If they make themselves a top, then with left overs of thread they will add a purse, jewelry and something else. Everything with the same color, everything is a perfect match, but looks like a museum item! Everything looks great by itself, but not together!
2) Crochet item is a main accent of your look. 
Do not add anything else! Two accents in one outfit will start fight which one gets more attention. So you get attention not because you are wearing something unique, but because you look ridiculous ...
3) Only functional items
Everything looks cute in crochet magazine, but once you see a person wearing some crochet bracelets on her fit, or around her hands that keeps on falling of, so she needs to adjust them every couple minutes. In this case I keep on wondering what all those items for? They do bot keep you warm... They do not accent you slim wrist of waist... You would feel ten times more comfortable replacing it with regular belt or jewelry... So why you are wearing it? Just to show that you or your grandma learned to crochet?

Well, maybe somebody will not agree with me. Maybe somebody will say that I broke my own rules  and wasted my time on this skirt? Maybe this time my fashion taste failed? It's a wild color combo that (I must admit) does not go great with my natural hair-skin tone. But I wanted to try it and I did. 

Will appreciate your opinion. Thank you!

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  1. This is beautiful and I'm so impressed that you made it! Great job!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm glad you like it! This time it was waiting for respond more than ever!!! I'm glad you like it! It inspires me for new projects!!!

  2. Wow! You made this! You are incredibly talented! I am so impressed with your fun skirt! Thanks for sharing!

    J @ Bless Her Heart Y'all
    Join us on Tuesdays for the Celebrate Southern link up, anyone can join us!

    1. I will try to show more of my own clothes!!! I wish I had more time to do everything I have in my head!!!! Thank you!!! I would like to link up, I see lots of girls do it and it's like a club! I will try to read the rules! My problem is I'm not very experienced and sometimes I just do not know how to do certain things!!! So if I do something wrong let me know!!!

    2. Oh my gosh! You are doing everything just right my dear! No worries! I remember when I started doing link ups and I felt the same way! You will catch on very quickly, trust me. There is so much to learn in the blogosphere. Thanks so much for joining up with Celebrate Southern this week! I hope to see you again next Tuesday dear! :)

  3. YOU MADE THIS?! This is AMAZING!! I'm so impressed!! Thank you so much for joining J and myself {} for our third Celebrate Southern Linkup! I'm so happy you joined us and I’m pinning your post to our official Celebrate Southern Pin Board now! :) xxoo

    1. I really want to find friends here!!! I'm so glad I found girls who have similar thoughts and like talk about fashion and share life events! I have not made a lot of new friends since I had moved to US, so my on-line communities is the only chance to share my thoughts and read other's people posts!!! I like it! I want to be part of this huge interesting world!!! I just do not know how to add link up to my blog... I subscribed, but can not add permanent button!!! I will try to read "help", eventually I will learn!!!