Saturday, June 14, 2014


I hate when people talk to much about their personal life on fashion/cooking/crocheting blogs, but I feel like I have to tell the whole world “I love my husband!”.

We were in a store and, as usually, I wanted to walk around and try on different things… But my husband was in a hurry and we had to leave… Of course I made my saddest face ever
Later we stopped at Marshall’s on the way back. I found a cute top and while I was trying it on, my dearest husband bought me a purse, took it to the car and came back to changing rooms waiting for me like he was never gone! 
The girl at cash register looked at us and said: you are back! First I did not understand what she was talking about, then I realized that Shawn had been here already… And he started smiling mysteriously… And I remembered him looking at a purse… So I put all the pieces together immediately!
Well, I did not plan to buy a bright tomato-red purse at this moment… But, who could say NO to that!
So here is my first outfit with my new Varriale purse. And I have several more fun ideas to add to this album! 

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